Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, March and April 2001 
2. Determining of survival & hazard in patients with pemphigus in Kerman

Pages 130-136

S.A Shamsodini; A.R Fekri; E Esfandyarpour; S Saryazdi; Z Rahnema; S Zandi; A GHorbani; F Afshar

4. Comparison of breat and formula feeding on the stool charactristics of 1-3 months old infants

Pages 147-152

A.A Vahidi; F Ghazanfaripour; M.H Daei-Parizi; B Bahman-Bijari

Case Report

8. A case of humen linguatula serrata infestation in Kashan

Pages 175-178

A Yegane-Moghadam; S.A Talari; R Dehghani