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Introduction:Exercise and physical activity are important factors for human health.It has been reported that exercise can be considerably useful in the teratment of psychological the present study the effect of running on Spontaneous Electroencephalographic Activity (EEG) of rats was investigated.
Method:Male wistar rats weighting 190-250 gr were selected and divided into control and exercise groups.the animals of exercise group were run on treadmill(I hour a day) for duration of two weeks.Then the animals in both groups were anesthized with urethane and EEGs of them were recorded.
Result:In the exercise group alpha,beta and theta waves significantly increased and delta waves deceased in comparison to the control group.
Discussion:In the present study high frequency-low voltage waves increased and low frequency-high  voltage waves decreased in the exercise group.This provides further support to the earlier supposition that increase in high frequency-low oltage waves represent promotion of consciousness.It seems that exercise could increase alertness.