change in fatty acids composition of milk products during the traditional ghee-making process

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seasonal variation of fatty acids composition of milk and various milk products have been subjected to many investigations.however ,most of the researches are concerned with a single product and apparantly there is no inforation about the extent and the factors which contribute to changes in fatty acids composition of lipids in the process of ghee-making by the  traditional methods.thus comparative evaluation of quality and quantity of fatty acids in milk and its products which is used in ghee-making bu traditional methods was the subject of this study.sammles of milk,yoghourt,butter, and ghee prepared from the same milk were collected from differnt rural regions of Kermanshah province.the total lipid of each sample was extracted and subjected to fatty acid analysis by HPLC.the results were tabulated and subjected to statistical analysis.starting from milk  and ending with Ghee,a statically meaningful changes of fatty acid composition in each sample were observed.the obvious chanes include,a relative increase of short chain fatty acids(C to C12) and a decrease in long chain saturated fatty acids (C14,C16,C18).compared to commercial butter,the cholesterol level was lower in conclusion the traditional method of ghee making seems to be beneficial to nutritional  values of butter ghee.therefore some aspect of the process may be applied for improvment of the commerial methods of butter processing.