A retrospective study of 1250 cases of lumber disc herniation operated upon at two hospitals of Isfahan university of medical sciences

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In this study 1250 patients who have been operated for lumber disc herniation during 10 years were analyzed. Seventy one percent of patients were male.with an average age of 37.2 +_ 0.9 years in which 61℅ had backache for many years ( average 3.5 +_  2.1 year) before experiencing root pain, and in 54℅ of them backache started following a heavy weight lifting or heavy job. 29℅ of patients were female with an average age of 41.1+_8.4 years in which 69℅ had backache for an average of 5.7+_3.2 years before back experiencing root pain and in 11℅ of them backache started following  a heavy job. Worker incidence of back pain prevalence was 41℅ housewives 21℅ , sedentary employees 19℅, drivers 12℅, and others 7℅ . The commonest indications for operation were, backache in association with root pain not relieved by rest in 91.5℅ atrophy and motor disturbancise in 7℅, sphincteric disturbances in 1.5℅ . There percent of patients had backache with no root pain. 29℅ of patients had root pain only. S.L.R were positive in 65.2℅ and 61℅ had H4- L5, P.I.D. and in 25.3℅ disc was bilateral and 32℅ of patients had dick herniation at two levels. Complete recovery from root pain was seen in 84℅ of patients post.op. 16℅ of patients had partial recovery or faced with complications.5℅ of patients found to have another pathology rather than disc such as focal abscess, tumor, hydatid cyst, and congested veins. The key success to this operation found to be in correct of patients. Right diagnosis, perfect and on time operation by an experienced surgeon.