Evaluation of Kerman nursery instructors, knowledge on methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( C.P.R) and urgent management for aspiration of foreign bodies

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Assistant professor


Aspiration of foreign bodies occur in infants and children frequently. Regarding hazards of this important accident that may sometimes lead to death and the necessity of an urgent management, knowledge of nursery instructors on this issue was studied. A questionnaire was designed by the investigators that included questions about methods for removal of foreign bodies and C.P.R and filled by all nursery instructors of Kerman city ( n=163). After data collection, analysis was done using descriptive statistics, X2 and X2 for trend, the following results were achieved; average age of instructors was 31.1+_8.8,(72.4℅) were high school graduates, and about half of them, 84(51.1℅) reported no foreign bodies from airways, 111(68℅) didn't know mouth to mouth breathing and 112(68.7℅) had no information about methods of cardiac massage. 142(87.1℅) of them declared that they needed to take a course on C.P.R. and methods of removal of foreign bodies from upper respiratory tract. There was no significant relationships between number of passed continued courses, duration of career, number of children and level of education on one hand and cardiac massage and removal of foreign bodies on the other hand. There was only a significant relationships between having passed continued education classes and number of children with knowledge on mouth breathing ( p<0.05). This investigation established the need to conduct training courses on C.P.R and removal of foreign bodies from upper airways for nursery instructors.