Oral glucose tolerance test,blood insulin level and lipids metabolism in women with idiopathic hirsutism

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It is becoming apparent that is patients with hirsutism, metabolic aberrations are of greater health importance rather than unwanted hair growth.in this respect , evaluation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism was carried out on a group of 92 women with idiopathic hirsutism(IH).these were divided into: obese and non-profit obese  groups.seventy healthy subjects were also taken as control group.there was no significant difference in the levels of FSH ,LH, estrogen, progesteron and prolactin between IH patients and control group.but the levels of total testestron( p< 0.01) and DHEA ( p< 0.05)  was significantly increased in the IH patients as compared with the control group.the glucose tolerance test and insulin response to the oral glucose as well as concentration to triglycerides was increased in the IH patients.in non-obese IH( NOIH ) group the glucose tolerance was significantly higher than that of the obese IH ( NOIH) group.the insulin response to oral glucose was higher in the OIH group as compared with the NOIH group.HDL- C level was significantly declined in the IH patients(p< 0.01) , but the levels of LDL-C and total cholesterol had no significant differences between patients and control group.fasting blood insulin and total testestron was correlation with increased triglycerides and decreased HDL- C (p<0.05). Based on these results further investigation are recommended to find the involved mechanisms in metabolic aberrations in patients with idiopathic hirsutism.