Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 5, September and October 2012 
2. Molecular Evidences of Ehrlichiosis as an Emerging Zoonotic Disease in Kerman City

Pages 422-432

B Akhtar-danesh; M KHalili; R GHanbarpoor; SH Motaghipishe; B Aflatoniyan; M.R Aflatoniyan

3. Immunity to Hepatitis B Vaccine in Thalassaemic Patients based on the Time Passed from Vaccination

Pages 433-439

A.A Vahidi; A Hoseininasab; M.H Torabinejhad; M.H Daei-parizi; R Bahrami

5. Coping Styles of Stroke Survivors based on Patients’ Demographic Features

Pages 451-461

M Jafari; A Makarem; A Dalvandi; M Azimiyan; M.A Hoseini