Volume & Issue: Volume 21, Issue 2, March and April 2014 
3. Prevalence and Etiology of Heart Murmurs in 2-24-Months-Old Infants Kerman, Iran

Pages 114-122

M.M Bagheri; M.H Torabi-Nezhad; Z Jamali; M.R Baneshi

4. Immunity againstInfluenza Type A among 4-14-Years-Old Children in Kerman, Iran

Pages 123-129

A Hosseininasab; Z Daei-Parizi; S.A.M Arabzadeh; Z Iranmanesh; M.R Baneshi

9. Frequency of Toxocara Egg in Public Parks Shiraz/Iran

Pages 174-179

A. Ghorbani Ranjbary; A Shafie; A Anamipor; Sh Najy