Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 1, November and December 2010 
Comparison of the Percentages of Peripheral Blood CD4+ CD25+ T Lymphocytes in Recurrent Abortion and Normal Pregnancy

Pages 16-27

J Baharara; R Mozayani; N Mousavifar; A SHeikh; M Rastin; N Tabasi; M.A Eslami; A Eslami; M Mahmodi

Frequency of Diabetes Mellitus in Skin Tag Patients in Comparison with Control Group

Pages 55-62

S SHasi-Meimandi; S SHamsodini; B Vares; M.H Saeidi goraghani

Antibiotic-resistance Patterns of Helicobacter pylori isolates Obtained from Patients in Kerman- 2009

Pages 73-82

M Savari; H Abdolahi; M.J Zahedi; S Darvishmoghadam; M Hayat Bakhshe Abasi

Short Communication

Comparison of Salivary Secretory IgA in Caries-free Children and Children with Severe Early Childhood Caries

Pages 83-88

H.R POUR eSLAMI; GH.R Moshtaghi; A Hori; M SHarifi; H Ziaaddini

Case Report

A Rare Case of Intestinal Obstruction due to Taenia Saginata

Pages 89-93

M.R Lashkarizadeh; B Pourseyedi; M Samareh Fekri; M Aghaei Afshar

Q fever a Forgotten Disease in Iran

Pages 93-97

M KHalili; N SHahabinejhad; M.R Aflatoniyan